CHURCH UPDATE [22 February 2020]

Message from our Senior Pastor:


Dear Friends,

After consulting with the MIC Leadership team, the General Secretary and the President of the Methodist Church, Hong Kong, I have decided to take the unprecedented step of cancelling worship services in the Wesleyan House building on the 22nd, 23rd, 29th February and the 1st, 7th & 8th March.

Whilst medical advice remains somewhat mixed, being an international church, I think we should err on the side of caution and not encourage large groups of people to gather together during what many health professionals are calling a ‘critical’ two-week period for the COVID-19 virus. I believe that it is our Christian duty to do all that we can to support our community and health professionals in bringing this virus under control and prevent any further spread.

I would strongly advise all of you during this time to refrain from gathering in groups and always to wear masks and take extra precautions, especially hand washing at regular intervals.

During the cancellation of worship services in Wesleyan House, MIC will live stream worship, through FaceBook Live and our website at the following times :

➡ [TAGALOG] Saturday 11:00 AM through FCC MIC Facebook account

➡ [TAGALOG] Sunday 9:00 AM through Methodist International Church Hong Kong Facebook account

➡ [PUTONGHUA] Sunday 10:30 AM through 循道衞理聯合教會國際禮拜堂普通話崇拜 Facebook account循道衞理聯合教會國際禮拜堂普通話崇拜-542902822461284/

➡ [ENGLISH] Sunday 11:00 AM through Methodist International Church Hong Kong Facebook account

➡ [ILOCANO] Sunday 11:00 AM through FCC MIC Facebook account

Bible studies will continue through Zoom and other social media and internet platforms as arranged.

During this time, let us recommit to praying for our HK community and all who are affected by the virus trusting that God is at work in ways that sometimes we cannot see or imagine. The staff team continue to pray for you all and are on call and available should you need any of us at any time, please do not hesitate to phone.

Let us continue to place our full confidence in him who is always healing, restoring and renewing his human community.

May God bless you, keep you safe, and renew you in faith and trust,

Rev Eden Fletcher
Senior Pastor







在衞斯理大樓暫停崇拜期間,MIC將在以下時間,通過FaceBook Live及我們的網站進行崇拜直播:

➡ [TAGALOG]週六11:00 AM,請透過FCC MIC Facebook帳戶來收看

➡ [TAGALOG]週日9:00 AM,請透過香港循道衞理聯合教會國際禮拜堂Facebook帳戶來收看

➡ [普通話]週日10:30 AM,請透過香港循道衞理聯合教會國際禮拜堂普通話崇拜Facebook帳戶來收看循道衛理聯合教會國際禮拜堂普通話崇拜-542902822461284 /

➡ [英語]週日11:00 AM,請通過香港循道衞理聯合教會國際禮拜堂Facebook帳戶來收看

➡ [ILOCANO]週日11:00 AM,請通過FCC MIC Facebook帳戶來收看






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